Resources on Peak Oil

There is a vast and growing body of resources on the science behind Peak Oil and the potential impacts on our society, economy and way of life. Just Google "Peak Oil"

The Association for the Study of Peak Oil is a primary source of information. 

An excellent Web site resource can be found at Community Solutions - which explores key solutions in Energy, Food and Transportation and discusses the need to curtail our consumption to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and to slow climate change.  They present a strategy - Plan C -  of curtailment, cooperation and community. This proposes that through reductions in resource consumption, dramatic conservation and curtailment of energy use coupled with an increase in local community living we can stop global warming and survive Peak Oil even as we create a more equitable, sustainable world. Plan C addresses many of today’s issues head on, focusing primarily on the three areas of our lives where we currently use the most energy.

One of our members sent the following recommendations

I usually go to daily or at least 4 times a week as my preferred ecology/energy/philosophy news portal. They just finished merging with, the relocalization movement hub. Energybulletin has wide ranging content, well organized, with pithy synopses and links to each article/essay/video/audio, all archived and searchable. It is truly a powerhouse of information, not so radical as or technical as

A very clear exposition of energy systems and their limits is contained in a report by Richard Heinberg, Fellow at the Post Carbon Institute,  entitled "Searching for a Miracle -Net energy limits and the fate of industrial society". When you hear someone say that that we easily can solve all our energy and carbon impact issues by switching to renewable resources such as photo-voltaic, wind and tides, this report will give them some compelling arguments on the challenges we face.

Watch Jeff Rubin really pin the economic impact of peak oil at the  Business of Climate Change Conference 2009

Watch Peak Oil and a Changing Climate; many experts in the field discuss the Peak Oil and climate Change

Some books to read

The Party's Over, (Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies) Richard Heinberg

Why Your World is about to get a lot smaller - Jeff Rubin

Carbon Shift ( How the twin crises of Oil Depletion and Climate Change will Define the Future) - Edited by Thomas Homer Dixon

Weaning the World off Oil - can we really kick the habit?  Renewable energy expert Tom Rand on how to kick the habitRead more: